Thanks in advance, your help is much appreciated. I will eagerly wait for your future post. This locks out the updating process and sends you alerts etc. Thursday, December 9, 6: Then go into “Storage” and select the host CD drive. I’ve even rebuilt my deployment share but I’m still

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Long story short, set up an install of Windows 10 exactly the way you want.

I am able to view the the LTD wizard using. As soon as a user logs off from Windows, their profile is removed. By reading your post I acquire much knowledge. Open an administrative command prompt and run the following commands.

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Jason, Do I understand that if you snapshot a jetwork image before sysprepping and capturing it, you can then go back to that snapshot and re-use that virtual image as if it had never been sysprepped before? What about my NIC? However, now MDT doesn’t recognize any “hard drives. Tom, Two options as far as I see it. Here I agree with your opinion and some advice.


Almost every place I have ever worked, IT had or needed a method to clone and deploy a specific Windows configuration and application set. Is there any ability, or limitation, for supporting UEFI? Thanks for an excellent article. The more powerful, the better.

I have 10 new identical Dell Precision Workstations. And netork regular capture image I mean a capture images created in wds. You also need to make sure that the connection type is bridged for direct access to network. Thursday, December 9, 9: Many shops do not operate that way, and have some level of interaction required during the imaging process.

Sign in to vote. It’s a copy of data center so you are licensed for unlimited vms. When I look in boot options, my external drive is not there. Everything else is fine with the defaults. I’m doing this at home newtork my tablet to actually see what’s going on.

How to use MDT 2010 + WDS with VirtualBox

Here you have shown how to create a windows image. Take this opportunity of having a clean install of Windows, updated, and use it as a template for other VMs. Why are you using virtual box?


What am I doing wrong? On the host, browse to the shared folder, right-click and choose “Properties”.

When finished, remove all user profiles except the one that is set up for your customers. To expand on what BigHomie says, you’re trying to use the any address as a gateway, so it’s trying to use anything that will networkk to it I acquired a g USB, turned it into a winpe boot media.

Depends what apps are included.

Dont forget to vote on if you find the answer helpful. If you are using Virtualbox then you need to add the extension. Each time someone logs into one of the computers I am responsible for administering, they are logging in for the first time.