The power wire is full spec copper wire, CEA compliant and is the best you can use to maximize the performance of your amplifier. Make sure to read the manual about the initial charging of the cap and how to properly discharge a cap should you need to remove it from the installation or put it in storage for some reason. Q — What is Sound Deadener made from? Unfortunately, we do not offer the extended warranty program on the V1 amplifier kits. Exchange Discount Summary

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In the Box Box Contents. The base ingredient is Butyl Rubber as opposed to asphalt based.

Maxxlink Vloc 2 V 3 High End 2 Channel Line Output Converter With Remote Turn on | eBay

Dimensions Product Box Length cm. For a lije minded we suggest our V1 products. Not, like a car battery. Q – What is UNItwist?

You only need one, if you need one. Try new Snapdeal App maxzlink higher exchange discount. It is flat packed. Maxximum rejection of noise. It will take you a bit more time in the installation but the performance and sound quality will be very noticeable. But, we think we can do it better and we can do it at a fair price.


If you just spent a couple hundred bucks on a new amp, speakers or woofers, why would you hook it all up with equipment that the carmaker spent pennies on? These are brands that are part of linf Maxxsonics family. If you find out, let us know via the comments.

One of the things they do to accomplish this is to trim the dollars they invest in things that you cannot see like the wiring and adapters that connect to the factory stereo. The OEM design maxxoink your vehicle is built to a standard that does not jaxxlink the SPL and the increased use of a high end audio system. Just add up the total fuse value on all of your amplifiers to determine the potential current draw, guesstimate your wire length then find your gauge.

Q — Are caps dangerous?

Ultra fine strands of wire are spun maxxxlink seven smaller groups then bundled together to create the ultimate power wire. Maxxsonics, keeps you covered.

Maxxlink Car Mobile Charger ML-C29 White

Q – How many caps do I need? It is that easy.

Reducers minimize contact area interrupting power flow. Add up your total power and then choose the cap. No result found for “OK”.


Item s Added To cart Qty. Q — What does LOC mean? Well, when it comes to brass distribution blocks, for years, installers had to use a reducer to make a big gauge wire jam it into a little hole.

The trick to creating a perfect listening environment is to isolate the interior of the vehicle from the big bad, sound killing, road outside.

Look at it like this. Register now to get updates on promotions and. Reducers steal the system of valuable power. Q — What is Sound Deadener made from? When you are on the registration page, you can choose more than one year and you can get warranties on other Maxxsonics amplifiers that are already in your system.

So, yeah, we are confident, perhaps a bit cocky. The reason for its superiority is that Butyl rubber is supple and remains so even in extreme weather.