Certified software developer and an active worker. JimSeidel , Aug 27, I eventually gave up on using bit torrent behind this rounter and it hasn’t crash since 18 months. In addition, the router weighs 1. Is a great device with great coverage and great reliability.

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JesusAug 4, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Looks like I will have to contact linksys to see ilnksys MTU size that is lol. I am almost ready to junk it an buy another brand such as D-Link or Netgear. It has been dropping the connection almost every day requiring that the router be reconfigured by the setup software. My solution was to exchange it with a WRT54G and that works just fine.

Linksys 4 Port Wireless Routers. From what I read on the web, routter chip in BEFWS11S4 is just not capable of handling all the connections and eventually crashes and it’ll require a power recycle. I have a 3com 3C Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller built in wirelss-b my notebook computer and it has worked beautifully every place I have taken my computer. There is so much negativity about it everywhere, most commonly on Amazon.


Linksys Wireless B Broadband Router Model Befw11s4

If this were to work like they say it would make my life easier because I could just push the button to reset the network connection. I befw1s14 not recall it blinking before the hard reset I configured the primary DNS and the Gateway as the address of the router.

I never had an issue till I upgraded the firmware and sp 2 with XP. Just wondering in case I have to contact Linksys to get a size for my provider: Linksys support saidthe default setting when enabled, is for cable. UnnDunnAug 28, Wirwless-b all 5 brand new listings.

Linksys Wireless B Broadband Router Model Befw11s4 | eBay

Someone posted that it is actually this: Ive found that it has a very easy linkss basic interface with advanced options for those who know more about networks, I myself dont however. Have you tried to reset it again? If you have not bought this router, don’t do so.

LucidSnakeSep 8, LucidSnakeSep 7, It would give me an error. Anybody managed to have version 1.

JimSeidelOct moeel, I will keep you posted. Perfect for my needs. CNN has a number of videos that relate to Katrina and everytime I touched one the router would crash.


It works with version 1. Neither worked for me In the past month that I have had it, I needed to turn it off once because I had no signal on my computers but I think it was more a problem of the router that brings the signal than the wireless device. I am a great fan of Linksys and I recommends this router for home and office use.

Any Condition Any Condition.

I loose connection linmsys by blinking lately. Wireless is always much slower with Bit Torrent than wired, no matter what wireless standard your working on B or G, or all the super expensive G MIMO variations that will probably give smaller animals cancer radio frequency and a high dosage is very well known to affect the mental ability of lab mice.