Admin August 16, at 9: I Feel stupid, but do these products support injection? I would like to use for land home and water sail boat communication something like this? David June 11, at 6: Admin January 6, at

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Read the blog, already explained in details.

Admin Iksmac 18, at As any card or chipset manufacturer, they just can’t break the very laws of physics, but they are allowed to butter your ass “UP TO” your head.

As I read in the forum that it is still not compatible YET n is having lots of problems.

But it does has the ability to act as an access point and has an external antenna. As of August 6,the former homepage now denounces the new German law. David June 14, at The hardware will work, the software may not.


I can reach networks from the next town over! Double check the Chipset before downloading.

The Alpha supports RE-injection and Injectioni. Matt Guterres July 22, at 4: Matt Guterres July 27, at 1: AKA “Airport” What you appear to try to do, ralibk simply to get a better connection Here is 2 simple solutions: The non active network is 1 cause for not being able to re-inject.

Admin October 4, at 5: Next time, try NOT to use one word for another: Try to listen to multiple FM stations at the same time with your car radio and let me know how kismwc works Admin November 26, at 4: It’s hardware, not software.

Mike January 10, at 7: Some say that the 36NHR is worse than the H, others say it’s as good if not better.

KisMAC free download for Mac | MacUpdate

Could you tell me an alternative “excellent” card that works with Mountain Lion? Admin June 14, at Curt, you appear very confused about what does what.


Anonymous August 11, at 8: The device does not seem to be working: Because everybody uses them, they are the most congested. Many tools were developed for Matt Guterres July 17, at Or is there just something I’ve missed? Rx and Tx are different things.

Kismaxx: Best WIFI card /Wlan KisMAC Compatible

Many thanks for your help. Upgrading to Snow Leopard 3. Admin August 16, at 9: