Click the Review Vital Signs button. The search process may require two or three minutes. It normally requires around five or six seconds to establish a link. Patient List — Enables you to view a list of patients previously entered into the database. Exit to Windows desktop. The following table provides a brief description of the functions of the fields in the Patient Data screen as well as the individual tabs listed on this screen. Click on the OK button to accept the new setting.

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If Delete Archived Reports is selected, the selected archived jqmark will be restored and the original archives will be oqmark automatically.

To edit a number, highlight the appropriate line and click the Edit button. It normally requires around five or six seconds to establish a link. As your partner in patient care, we look forward to working with you in the coming years as we develop even more sophisticated diagnostic technology for the medical field.

Midmark – McKesson Medical-Surgical

However, the latter change is only temporary. Clicking the Review Vital Signs button provides access to previously entered vital signs information for the patient. Follow the instructions on the screen. Alternatively, you can pick and choose specific reports by holding down the Control key [Ctrl] and clicking on the desired reports one at a time.


Record Eccg can also be caused by improperly exiting the Patient Data screen from any computer. Midmark Diagnostics Group will not assume any responsibility for damage due to improper packaging, shipment or use of iqmadk product.


Please research this and use the one you are most comfortable with. Select the desired iqmzrk units from the Temperature Units control group. Press on the right mouse button and select Properties. Under Database Name, type the network location of the central database. The pacemaker fields in the History tab are for information only and do not affect the automatic ECG interpretation.

Once the files are replaced, the PDA screen will return to its previous state. Please refer to the Operation Manual for your IQmark product.

Software Drivers

Graphical user interface for administration and report generation tasks. Click OK to continue. You must select I accept … to proceed with the installation. Enter the dosage the patient is taking. The program will display the Midmark Diagnostics Group logo and then the installation opening screen.

The IQmark Virtual Channel Solution has specific requirements for computer hardware, software and network performance. Varies by computer system.

However, if the IQmark Diagnostic Workstation is installed on the computer that is to contain the central database, then all of the necessary folders and files are established. Smoking History tab Select the Smoker check box if the patient has ever smoked cigarettes. The default setting is Show All. The following describes the general steps for setting up a server database.


You can then enter patient height, weight, blood pressure, etc. More on File Functions When you are in the Patient List screen, clicking the File button at the bottom provides many options: Select the text box by clicking in it, and then type in, or select data.

Troubleshooting Guide This Troubleshooting Guide provides a comprehensive list of solutions or recommendations to situations that you may encounter with the IQmark Diagnostic Workstation. Once the network has been set up and the data source has been established at each computer, double-click the IQmark Configuration icon and click the Database Settings button.

When you highlight a report, the interpretation will appear in the gray area just below the Diagnostic Reports. The Taskbar provides rapid access to the Start Button and applications you have started. The software will disconnect from iqqmark IQmark VSM and the measurements will be added to the patient’s medical record. All All Equipment Supplies.