Instead of hard rebooting, you could try to blindly reboot your system, since the last thing you used before suspend was the terminal. Why there is no open-source driver Intel reply: I did it according to this tutorial first part with PPA: Memory allocation optimization You can often improve performance by limiting the amount of RAM used by the system so that there will be more available for the videocard: Let’s start saying that GMA works better with Microsoft products but anyway linux distros may be faster than Win 7. Lags, a lot of frame skips not suggested.

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Sudo may obviously ask for your password, so you have to be in the sudoers file. I installed linux and windows xp in my poor gma netbook Hanvon B Option 3 – Resolution First, you need to know what your desired resolution is.

Intel GMA Driver Optimized for MS Windows : Linux on GMA

Unfortunately the support for this hardware is extremely limited on Linux. Linyx 3 aprile I did it according to this tutorial first part with PPA: PixieLive4 to HDD as “normal” distro http: Coudn’t manage brightness keys for now.


Anonimo 29 gennaio Hi, I installed emgd on an Ubuntu Live Linhx CD This is not optimal, so here is a solution:. Lags, a lot of frame skips not suggested.

Then you can use it like so:. It uses a special EMGD driver, but it can’t directly be installed on hard disk.

Driver overview

This page was last modified on 20 Februaryat Plus the system is really reactive, the best I see till now. Common netbook resolutions are x, x and x However, this configuration does affect the ability of SDL and other?

As of kernel 3. Although the computer still works, you must go to a console and kill X or reboot “blindly”. This only works if you call pm-suspend or pm-hibernate inside X.

Did you know this linux distro http: Add one of these lines and save the file:. G,a500 had to do the last part of tutorial, for sound.

Intel GMA 500

Anonimo 26 maggio Commenti sul post Atom. AVI Trailer with default player: To test it, open a terminal and use the following commands sudo pm-suspend –quirk-vbemode-restore That should suspend your system.


This will drop frames when needed, and use 4 threads You should change this gja500 on your Atom Processor meaning playing HD video is possible.

First step “How to install a Linux distro”. Personal tools Create account Log in. This obviously requires sysfs to be enabled in the kernel, as it is in the Arch Linux kernel.

A variation of this script can be found here. Linux is an opensource OS but,u nfortunately, this has determinate the emergence of billions of distros that sometimes may confuse users migrating from other OS like MS or Mac Ingel do this open a terminal and use the following commands: Alternatively, you can try the mainline kernel: