We wish you many happy miles with your Toyota and look forward to hearing from you again. Consider an automatic CVT transmission option for non-manual drivers as well to pick-up that end of the market. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I regularly took my nine- and six-year old to school one in the passenger seat, one in the back , but not once did we all go out as a family. Sign In Sign Up.

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Toyota GT86 review: fun in slow-mo | CAR Magazine

You might have thought that owning Subaru shares meant that such a move would be in both our interests, but no. It helps that the engine tal is a bit talll too, which gives it more aural presence than a 4-cylinder.

This is the full story, if we have any further details we will be sure to update you here on the Toyota Blog. Every time we lend it out, it comes back with the rear tyres worn out! Browse secondhand Toyota GT86 coupes for sale.

Tada: How Toyota and Subaru created the GT86 – Toyota

He sit in yt86 without any problem. He took on the task of persuading the board to allow us to use D4S. I wondered if the inch tyres were to blame, perhaps because they were running out of grip before the brakes were running out of stopping power.


Since the engine is mid-mounted, I opted for an all-aluminum 3. Send a private message to old greg. I also owned a Yamaha engineered 4A-GE powered ae92 and it is a favorite car of mine.

Tada: How Toyota and Subaru created the GT86

Originally Posted by Symbiont. But three months in, I still find myself heading out tapl a drive in the GT86, just for the sake of it. T he GT86 is a very low car, an attribute which puts you at a disadvantage in some real-world driving situations. The whole thing has the feel of a well-built toy.

It starts with the incredibly low-slung driving position, small-diameter steering wheel, pedals that are perfectly aligned and weighted, and the compact, friendly proportions. The sat nav functions are weak, but most frustrating is the slowness with which it operates. Combined with the gloomy black interior and you end up with a slightly cramped-feeling cabin.

No 25k American made sedan can outrun it in the 25k price range. Symbiont Tall guys fit, too. And like most modern cars, the Gt866 has systems that improve stability, maximise braking force and counteract skids.

My only complaint is I’m 6’2 and even with the seat back and wheel up I don’t fit in the car. Learn how your comment data is processed. Send a private message to YukiHachiRoku.


These guys were still repairing their old Silvas and AE86 models. I should be able to drive it tomorrow and I’ll see if it actually an issue. Delivery should be in the next 3 weeks.

As a result, the TT is the better long-term buy and it barely costs any more to lease. Register a new account.

I adjusted my driving position last night reclined the seat more and tried slightly raising the seat any more and my head touches the roof. Separated by odd years but united hall a sense of fun: Manufacturers need to think about what people want and need, not just what they need. All of which makes the More weight over the front wheels a larger gas tank and brakes would bring it up tapl pounds.

Originally Posted by trackmagic. I’m laughing but don’t know if I should be!

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