The discrepancy between the two records illustrates a difficulty sometimes experienced in trying to procure accurate well data. The Magothy lies unconf ormably upon the Raritan, but the discordance is not great and probably indicates only a slight land movement. Also, several independent production com- panies are combing the area. With the introduction of prepared fertili- zers and the decline of the marl industry most of the pits were aban- doned and given over to water, swamps, and vegetation. At higher frequencies, system characteristics generally become more nonlinear and less predictable. Soloists were Christa Ludwig and Waller Berry. At Somerdale a bed of drab material about 18 feet thick shows more or less streaking of gray and green throughout.

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ODEACT employs an integration package called “ODE” [42] to simulate the controller time response, with various 8238s truth models, to non-zero initial conditions and command inputs. The land rises slightly toward the north side of the tract, so that 17 or Elevation, 80 feet; depth, feet; dxfllers, Haines Bros.

When command inputs to the system are allowed, both implicit and explicit model-following formulations would require that the command input and outputs be modelled so that appropriate feedforward controls could be generated to drive the system outputs to the appropriate non-zero steady-state values.

This indicated that all of the designs were reasonably robust against this type of error, one of a type which might be considered reasonably likely to occur physically.

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Each time the problem is redefined, the user is given the opportunity to save the data to a new file; the program will not overwrite a previously established data file. The feedforward control, generally used in conjunction with feedback control from some form of omdem regulator, thus optimally drives the system to achieve model response. Rocio Durcal’s latest single on Fonogram features two songs from her last film “Amor en el Aire.


Three regulator command models were used for the designs discussed in this section, all of the form V-4 V—5 V-6 The diagonal form for the command moddem dynamics matrix was chosen because decoupling of the pitch and flight path angle responses was desired.

The CGT gains for the hybrid were and 1. As the rise time of the successive designs increased, the ability of the regulators to perform well and remain stable with larger initial conditions improved, as summarized in Table V Rounds resigned to as- sume the presidency of Charlatan Productions, a Los Angeles pro- duction company.

Westmin- ster XWN H: The singular values for IMF were smaller than the baseline regulator over most of the desired frequency range. Work was discontinued because of the thickness of the overburden in holes 1 to 3 and the reported thickness of overburden in wells in the vicinity. The Kern pits, which 22838s on the east side of Chestnut Branch, about 1.

Kilmmel, who observed the following section: The purpose of this appendix is to outline the program structure and explain its use.

ESS Technologies Soundcard Driver Sound Card Driver

Black- pool Tower directors have rec- ommended to their stockhold- ers that they accept EMI’s of- fer of a stock exchange. Hazlewood just recently formed a publishing wing; it’s first two copyrights were “Light- ning’s Girl” eas “Ladybird. The “good music” stations have lots to pro- gram out of this ona.

The potash in the greensand marl occurs chiefly in the mineral glauconite, which is essentially a hydrous silicate of ferric jodem and potassium.


Louis Symphony IColscb- mann. Robustness Analysis and Enhancement.

Both groups are from the West and their previous disks have met with promising response. Stanley Adams, Tom McDermott. Eliot Tiegel Nashville News Editor: Larry Uttal, president of Amy-Mala-Bell, said he’s step- ping up activities in the coun- try music field.

The magnitude of the minimum singular value is a measure of system performance; good III-7 performance generally results when this value is large over the desired frequency range [14]. Monday and Tuesday were generally void of activity. The sludge in the trough was mixed thoroughly, and a sufficient quantity ladled out to provide moden samples, one of which was dried as above described and the other preserved in a 4-ounce wide-mouthed bottle.

The New Jersey greensand marls have long been known to contain small amounts of potash, lime, and phosphate. Kresh will help co-ordinate the organization’s many projects in the field of audio visual aids.

The response of SR-2 to initial conditions with the linear four-state actuators was slightly better than that of the baseline, as shown in Figure V A review of the basic structure of the controller and the models used in.

Kusisto said that the division, which now supplies the 238s auto and home player industry with 8-track OEM decks, is merely waiting to see “which directions consumer demand will take. Sketch map of part of the Esx district 21 3.