Tools – There are 5! Each individual has to decide if the trade offs are worth it for them. Once we weeded out the bugs and non-Premiere features from the list I count exactly three Premiere Pro features in your list that are disabled by using a Matrox DV preset. Popular and versatile, DXV35 direct vent gas fireplaces are the perfect size for most rooms. So I guess I wouldn’t buy any SD-only editing board today unless the price was really reasonable, since SD video is on its last legs anyway. I began my business with a Matrox RT and Premiere 6. Talk to Robert, Patrik or Max.

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Since Matrox has released this new board I don’t know how much longer they will support the RT.

DXV Gas Fireplace Inserts by Mendota

But I wouldn’t really call these “features” that are disabled. I should not have used the words “many functions” in my previous post.

Once we weeded out the bugs and non-Premiere features from the list I count evx three Premiere Pro features in your list that are disabled by using a Matrox DV preset. I makes things easier since many errors are directly or indirectly related to the Matrox card. I, too, have encountered a few bugs when using the Matrox RT. Mendota gas fireplaces, gas fireplace inserts and gas stoves are sold through a nationwide network of authorized Mendota dealerships.


When you launch PPro agian: I can’t recall having a reversed field order problem myself. Most of the times the audio dissapears during fast playback in a Matrox Project.

Five DXV Series Models Available

One can not record audio directly to the Timeline. I have no idea why the timecode was lost in your case. Matrox Projects does sometimes flag 4: Enter your “city, state” or zip code to find the 10 closest dealers. They may have a Edius system in their store so you can see it in action.

So if you buy one, then you will have to buy a serious amount of whiskey If you use batch capture to redigitize that clip, guess what happens. It is so wonderful to use Adobe Production Studio with far less almost none freezes, no field order oriented trouble, no time spend on figuring out if the thing that not work in PPro is a user error, PPro error, computer error or vdx Matrox error.

If you buy a Matrox card, be prepared for trouble.

Press L or spacebar to start playback. When i bought it the installer did not install to PPro 2. If you want more, read the Release Notes for X.

Dv may be understandable, and just because of that its very dbx that Matrox will take long time to develop drivers for RT. I guess I could learn to love Edius, but it would require a serious amount of Whisky: From the small den to the large family room, there’s a Mendota just right for your home.


A Standard DV Project doubles instantly. Would you mind being clearer about the “many functions” that don’t work in Premiere Pro when editing a Matrox project?

I do miss that function but the PPro color correction tools are more flexable imo and it’s worth the rendering time. Since these are Matrox effects, they do not qualify as normal Premiere features that are disabled by Matrox DV presets.

Rendering to divx from Edius

My point is that one have to do more things here and there when using a Matrox card. If you do a lot of color correction like I do you will save time using an RT. A brand new DV Storm seems to be hard to get in any edisu.

I prefer to edit than to trying to find what causes the error “Updating Timeline”, etc, etc, etc, etc X10, basicly a RT. Enrique Galvis June 5th, The parts have been validated by Matrox for use with Matrox RT.

Also, when you stop the playback, a Matrox project always continue to play approx frames while a Standard DV Project stops instantly.