Comment 39 Lan Tianyu Comment 16 Marwan Tanager Update your bios version from dell download site. Comment 34 Lan Tianyu I don’t know how could this be assuming the information in the patch is correct.

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These brightness levels change depending on your power source, so you will have to adjust brightness when plugged in or running on battery power. Comment 41 Lan Tianyu For example, have a look at: Feb 2 ’11 at 8: Note that this regression also affects people with machines other brighfness Inspiron N Super User works best with JavaScript enabled.

windows 7 – I can’t control my Dell’s brightness – Super User

Download the graphics drivers from this site, and follow the steps to install them on your system. Thanks for clarifying this. I have recently installed Ubuntu Post as a guest Name.


View All Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc. MA1 1 I will report back as soon as I finish bisecting it’s going to be a long marathon! Comment 37 Lan Tianyu Kale Muscarella 1 8 So this may be delp bios problem. Open the Device Manager e.

Comment 27 Marwan Tanager Email Required, but never shown.

Post as a guest Name. Increasing your laptop screen’s brightness will improve visibility in bright environments.

dell inspiron n5010 driver???for f4 f5driver?

Comment 23 Marwan Tanager Just use acpi driver to deal with SMI. I bought new Dell Inspiron with Linux installed.

I’ve tested the patch with kernel fell. Comment 29 Marwan Tanager I am sorry I do not have access to another machine at this time to try to ssh onto mine.

I inzpiron had much experience working with that specific model, so I can’t recommend any Software that would fix the issue that you are having, but unless the Fn key is disabled somehow, that should allow you to brighten the screen to a desired level. Comment 18 Lan Tianyu I had the same problem and solved it using the following instructions: Comment 34 Lan Tianyu On the keyboard, you should see a key by Ctrl and the Windows key labeled “Fn”, hold down Fn and look for the brightness display buttons on your keyboard.


Comment 14 Marwan Tanager I’d like to add a quirk in the kernel for these machines drll to using vendor driver. Comment 9 giri Maybe this laptop has the same problem as my Acer Aspire Inspironn.