Moral ive leanred here is the head weight makes as much difference to the club as anything elese if u want to get repeatable driveing done. For more information click here. Most Titleist clubs come standard at D2 e cept the Vokey wedges they are heaver. This is what he does for a living and he’s the best in the business. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. D6 minimum for me, and that’s with a counter weighted shaft and midsize grip.

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I favor heavy clubs – woods and irons. That driver outperformed everything by a wide margin.

Els equipment in Golf Digest – D8 swingweight – yikes!!!

We even saw swing weights around C4 and yes this was for men as manufacturers experimented. June 5 The grip weight did not change. Sweetspot accuracy with the counter balance approx.

Themaxima i love that driver i just need it another cpl of grams thumpier but. In fact il do a diamana thread later D7 guy here at I’ve forgotten my password.

Rory Mcilroy Taylormade Fitting – D8 Swingweight!

When he missed, it wasn’t a huge miss. So, an inch-long club that is identical in every other way to a standard length one will read somewhere around D8 on the swingweight scale.

If I really go after it I can get a little baby draw, didn’t see any sort of a pronounced draw or a hook at all, mostly a straight ball or a little fade which I really liked, not only was I quite possibly consistently longer than I’ve ever been, but the thing is remarkably fun to hit, usually when I find a shaft in the I have enjoyed, it hasn’t felt wonderful, but this combo felt excellent.


I recently got my fairways back from being re-shafted with Rifles and they SW at about D7. Having Rory come from playing the Pro V1x after saying it’s not working for him and transition into our ball just further reinforces that we have an excellent product.

Els equipment in Golf Digest – D8 swingweight – yikes!!! – Equipment Opinions –

He is as genuine as they come. There isNO doubt that its longer than. Is the optimal option to use heads that are custom fabricated for particular lengths? This is what he does for a living and he’s the best in the business.

Clubs moving faster so its tougher to feel a lighter object. There were hundreds of little things that we did to improve on what he already had. I knew exactly what we were going to do and how the day was going to go.

It’s all a personal thing as far as I’m aware. Keith was the lead.

Do You Really Understand Swingweight? | SkyGolf

But for thetighness and not perfect days the vspec is unchallenged inmy book and for wailing the is still my long ball lama king. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next.


Driver – Taylormade Tour Issue M1 9. At the end of the day, we had 10 driver setups that were within yards of each other, but it’s not just about maximizing distance—it’s about how it reacts when you’re trying a certain shot, what happens swinbweight you try to go after one His swing looks effortless, but it’s effortless kind of like a tank through a barbed wire fence I can’t recall exactly But they have come to discover that a heavier head and even heavier combo can create more smash factor.

Id not like to have this in the bag if i had a small. Posted 22 April – It was clear as day how incredibly well the TP5x was working for him.

The vspec i was plYing same course same conds same everything as the day before and the maxima was. Tour Tracey for practice only Ball: If I have different make of irons 3 – 9 to my 3 wedges should the swing weight be the same?