Anyone compared the Borka to the wheeler adjustable? EFK accessories are not offered for sale as separate items. That was in the purpose of the design – to make a “bag unit”, field tool The wheeler did and does work, but mine is off on it’s calibration. Pro-Shot is very well known for high quality products, made in the U. The only possible shortcoming of the Borka is that unlike the Seekonk you can’t back screws out with it, at least according to the warning printed in bold, red type stating that the driver is for tightening right-hand fasteners only. I believe that the printed warning refers to the fact that it will only be accurate to the stated value when turning in a tightening motion.

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Adjustablle have checked calibration regularly and it has always been within spec, actually, until recently, better than spec. Well worth the money. I have a Wheeler and have used it for years quite successfully. Brady did a terrific job on Borka Tools product page, and I got to admit that I was also very pleased by the speed and effectiviness of our communication.

Torque tool kits for scope mounting and other firearms related applications

Borka bits are hard chrome plated for long term corrosion resistance. I do like the Borka as a “bag unit” better, though.

I’ve readjusted most of my scopes and bases. Just purchased this kit a month or so ago; Top-of-the-line gear. Good investment in a great shop and field tool.


Borka Tools | Adjustable torque tools and kits for firearms

No more, no less. Standard EFK configuration as shown above. This is a fine example of adjuetable can pay more, but you can’t buy better. Specifications of Borka Tools multi torque driver: Please take note that we do not ship ATD based kits to international retail customers. Pearls of Wisdom are Heard not Spoken.

For all hools purposes, nearly seamless modular cleaning rod performs the same as a one piece cleaning rod. Respect adjjstable something you earn.

I like it a lot As far as I could observe during my research, it is not being widely recognized that in addition to having a capability of being packaged in a very compact format, modular cleaning rod can be configured to closely match the actual length of adjustab,e firearms barrels. The TAB Gear roll up pouch is great also. Reaction time is a factor Home Selection of kits for specific rifles Adjustable torque driver kits Precision torque limiter kits Deployment support kits Compact cleaning rods and tool kits Multi torque driver kits support page FAQ, payment terms and warranty User guides and related videos Product reviews and links Authorized dealers list Contact info.

I’ve tried to find an alternative, but nothing came close after weeks of search.

Working with low torque range allows the user to select torque setting between 10 inch-lbs. We highly recommend to watch ATD related videos from Tactical and Learning Firearmsposted on our website home page and available from Youtube.


BORKA TOOLS Multi Torque & Adjustable Drivers

That was in the purpose of the design – to make a “bag unit”, field tool Contact us by e-mail to get a price quote. However, and on occasion, ATD may be used to loosen fasteners without negative consequences, but adhustable if fasteners were originally tightened with the same ATD 1and only if fasteners are not seized due to various factors 2which may take place over extended periods of time.

If I was an armorer or gunsmith I’d toruqe an array of Seekonks sitting on my bench, but I’m a value-oriented guy. The mini-ratchet would have been about the only extra I’d want. This feature makes Pro-Shot modular cleaning rod more practical and convenient for use on a wide range of fireams, from borak short barrel handguns to long barrel rifles.

For this reason, we always recommend to use included, in the kit, ratchet drive ajustable or other suitable tool for loosening the fasteners. The Borka is great This page was generated in 0. Post Options Post Reply.