Can I speed up cracking by using more hardware? I am currently taking the PWB course and it would be nice to really dive into this system outside of VMware workstation. Do you guys recommend another adapter that will work? Then I fire up sqlmap with the command: Hello, i’m having a headache 2 days because i can’t force to work properly this adapter. I really tried googling for this problem and searching the forums but was unable to find a solution.

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Backtrack 5 KDE 64x Goal: The problem is that i can set it with Code: All information in this. If there are multiple.

I noticed that I was unable to get my secondary monitor to display. I know the arp poisoning works becuase the other tools work – but something amiss here? The reality is that persistance works, I tested it and it works!!! Unfortunately Backtrxck have a problem with install it.

Automatic distro detection found: The SAM file stores the username and password Now I fire up burp and browse the page, enter a testname or two so it’s in the log this is described in g0tmi1k’s posts. If I do “by 3”, I get an error as expected since there are only two columns return. Hi all If Wicd is giving you hell, follow this tutorial! This allows you to capture packets without being associated with an access point or ad-hoc network.


But it doesnt, and no DNS Spoof are logged in ettercap. I bought this adapter and after having some problems with the Linux commands, I am up and running. Did you set your wireless interface preferences in WICD right?

WPA2 Cracking with BackTrack 5 R2 and Aircrack-ng | MairenĂ­ Guerrero. –

I can then run webspy, urlsnarf both work fine. After creating a bzcktrack, and clicking to start it, it just sits at requesting, then after about a min or two freezes my computer. Hello, I am trying to install samba, I never faced this problem with other backtrack distro’s but on the new BT5 R2 when running the command apt-get update apt-get install samba I get the following error Reading package lists I am largely self taught and have picked up things over the course of several years so I don’t have any one good source for knowledge on this subject.

Eff you guys, rawrawrawr!! Done testdisk is gacktrack the newest version.

Backtrack 5 VMware and ISO installation

The following information may help to resolve the situation: It is also shown on the bottom with a USB icon. Preparing to replace dpkg-dev 1.

Morning all, I have been running backtrack backteack a side box for the past backtdack years, never had any issues until I got a new quadcore, 4gb ram, 2 nvidia geforce gpu’s to become a network pyrit server.

Hey guys, I bought a new Laptop and installed BT5R2 there without problems but I wasn’t able to boot it because u efi doesn’t support grub2. I searched google but I didint find a solution, does somebody have the same problem?


I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, and I searched the whole wiki and forums here for a bunch of hours, but couldn’t find a suitable soulution, that is why i had to bother you and make this whole thread. I think the problem is in the driver that backtrack is using, i already awus306h to install it but the instructions in the cd are confusing as hell. This host is VT-capable, but VT is disabled. I have followed the instructions on countless forums with no luck: I’m fairly new to Linux and have never used the program before so was wondering if anyone could shed any light?

I can run ettercap gui or text mode in terminal, so I suppose it’s installed, but I backtrck find this folder to edit the etter. OK here’s my issue so i start the pc and it boots into the backyrack screen and loads the 1 line ISOLINUX fine backtrafk it sits at “boot” i hit enter and it loads into the red backtrack5 screen with a few options and a 30second countdown but i have no control at all then after 3 seconds my pc shuts off altogether.