Why is this lcd display being operated using 2 ports? I will send you my thesis as promised. The problem was that in lcd. How do i print a float to the screen?? Hi Pavel, there is no problem. Avinash Avinash Gupta is solely focused on free and high quality tutorial to make learning embedded system fun!

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Using LCD Module with AVRs | eXtreme Electronics

Learn how your comment data is processed. By Avinash – October 22, 5: That worked right out of the box.

By Karanbir – January 4, Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. By PeterS – April 12, lxd But my development board does not allow that. The links are mentioned in the post.

By Precious – August 11, 7: By Kostas – September 30, By vikas – January 23, 1: Thamks for ur great help. By Dollar – July 25, 9: Can you help with the following.


Using LCD Module with AVRs

Matthew, Yes you can use them. The first three lines are the normal includes with angle brackets: Using non consicutive data pins will make program very inefficient, that is why I have not implemented it. Brilliant job with the tuts.

By Peter – January 4, 3: By Avinash – July 16, By Avinash – April 28, 4: By Bhargav – July 26, 1: How do i print a float to the screen?? I want to ask how to display float values in LCD like 4.

By devang – August 31, 8: Hi, I am new to programming electronic components! Now you can play with it. By Hakeem – July 2, 3: That kind of pin mapping is NOT possible.

Alex, We would be happy to help you. By Elizabeth – April 3, 6: Hi Avinash, First of all, thank you for the effort, it is appreciated. By murali – January 29, By Avinash – January 2, 9: Chock the datasheet of the mcu you are using.


In your software you must init the LCD-module at the right way. I looked up the codes for the HD and found the cursor off code.