Inviato Sun 13 Aug 06 The latter usually work with fixed latency values that are added to the ASIO-inherent buffer latencies. I cleared the DSP Config for both cards and started from scratch. Same applies to pro audio gear with dedicated ASIO drivers, though. The sample rate is always grayed out if the control panel is launched from the desktop, this is per design.

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Check the MIDI settings of your host application!

Thanks for your help. Try to set up a project with 48kHz and see whether this makes a difference. For a further explanation on this issue, I recommend this link. Any ideas what the heck I’m doing wrong? Check the ‘Always Resample Do you already have an account?

Ableton Forum • View topic – Asio4all/kx Drivers

Anyone else run into this? No need to fiddle with the DSP settings at all.

Please refer to the first question in the list for that matter. The sample rate is always grayed out if the control aasio4all is launched from the desktop, this is per design. Still there is always one big unknown: Check it out www. If you think that your audio hardware has an asio4aol feature and you suspect that it may have something to do with the issue, you should mention this as well. Value cards installed in my machine running the Kx Drivers.


ASIO4ALL or the kX Drivers? | NI Community Forum

Given the variety of asio44all hardware and system configurations out there, chances are indeed that ASIO4ALL may either not work on your system at all or that it may not work with certain applications while with others it does. Since this guess-o-matic does not always yield correct results, you can measure the actual round trip latency for audio using a loopback cable and adjust the sliders in the “Latency compensation” section of the ASIO4ALL v2 control panel accordingly.

Don’t listen to or trust Creative. Inviato Wed 09 Aug 06 7: The rest, as well as the stuff mentioned above that kd not yet become a trademark of Microsoft, Corp. They are installed and working fine.

Asio4all + Kx?

PogoApr 16, I haven’t found a “Donate” button, but I’d like to make a donation! Inviato Sun 13 Aug 06 9: From what I’ve read about that since you brought it up, the description is exactly the same.


First of all, thank you for this! This is one of the benefits of assembly language coding: Jan 7, Messages: The problem is that you can’t use the 2 decks in asio mode if you don’t have the pro version, demo only works with one deck and for 5 minutes.

Anyone know how to get it running properly? A model-specific issue maybe?

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Superstom PRO Infinity Member since billymiller, strange that you did managed to set it up that way, while advanced soundcard configuration is not available in the demo version? Don’t know, I don’t own a X-fi.

I’ve never read about it being a problem with audio before. I tried that once again Saturday morning. Thus, if your resources are limited, they are best spent on buying one or the other essential piece of gear to support your music.

Some common questions and answers: