However, you can change the apccontrol behavior for every single action. To test your computer’s connection with a serial-line UPS, you first need to establish that the serial line is functioning, and then that the UPS is responding to commands. May I suggest reading the previous post, right above yours? Without limiting the generality of the above, no author, contributor or editor shall have any responsibility for any act or omission of any other author, contributor or editor. The new line should look similar to

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MARK is a negative voltage, typically V. If you want the apcupsd network information server to provide the last 10 events via the network, you must specify a file where apcupsd will save these events.

Apcupsd driver snmplite not found. Note that some vendors continue to distribute ancient versions of apcupsd with known defects. It looks like it has been compiled without snmp support, see below: If not, redo the configure with the appropriate options until your configuration is correct. First, you need to figure out whether it’s a dumb voltage-signalling UPS or speaks the apcsmart protocol.

usb driver error

UPS vald and runtime on battery are inversely proportional: You also should build using the gcc compiler and ccs make, not Sun’s compiler. Problem On some systems such as Slackware This option tells apcupsd to inform the UPS to kill the power. In general, if you see your UPS model in the S: Plug the UPS back into the wall outlet [switch utility power back on] and allow it to recharge it will recharge more quickly turned off and with no load present.


Your script file must have the same name vapid the appropriate case statement in apccontrol; it must be executable; and it must be in the same directory as apccontrol. The tools apcupsd gives you to do this include one command-line utility apcaccess and a GUI you can use through a Web browser. Download and run the normal apcupsd installer valis simply uncheck all components except apctray.

No other arguments should be required, and your setup and platform should be detected automatically by configure. Basic User’s Guide Quick Start for Beginners apcupsd is a complex piece of software, but most of its complexities are meant for dealing with older hardware and operating systems.


Each will independently communicate to the UPS. In order to ensure that the data logged to syslog can be directed to different files, I have assigned syslog levels to each of our four types of data as follows:.

Additionally, you will run one instance of apcupsd on each of the machines you wish to be shut down.

After those elements are correct, apcupsd should run, and then it is only a matter of customization of your setup. As far as I can tell, the only useful types are disable and always since the difference in the time when the logout warning is given and apcupsr occurs for the other types is very short KES.

Apcupsd problem with APC Back-ups

The solution to the problem is to add a rule to the udev rules file. Called for an emergency system shutdown.


If you plan to use a USB connection, please read cznnot appropriate subsection in its entirety. Then sync and shutdown the system normally, reattach the UPS, and reboot. This port is complete and is being used by several users.

This is an annoying bug, but not serious. This means that whenever the power is applied they are on.

The feature also allows the system administrator to hold the “ANNOY” factor until the ‘nologin’ file is created. Although you can do a hot swap of your batteries while the computer and any other connected equipment is running, it may not be very satisfactory because the UPS will not always detect that the batteries have been swapped and apcupsd will continue to report “Low Battery”.

With that in mind, we believe that you will find that a lot of very valuable work has been already done to make your installation much easier and probably totally automatic.

Alternately, you apply the linux If your batteries become exhausted during a power failure and you want your machine to automatically reboot when the power comes back, it is useful to implement withoout killpower feature of the UPS where apcupsd sends the UPS the command to shut off the power.