I too was fighting with my fingerprint reader after my upgrade from Windows 7 to I had the same problem and I solved it by installing this: It worked for me on my Thinkpad x, thank you. Microsoft is not responsible for HP hardware! Was this information helpful? I follow the instruction below for windows 10 windows hello and power-on password Fingerprint works fine, but only after push start button.

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Authentec AES driver for Windows 10 & Windows Hello – Thinkpads Forum

Lewis’s post on March 29, If anyone wants to know how to make the fingerprint reader work for ANY T4xx with the power-on, hard drive, and login passwords – in 3 steps – let me know. I think i going to upgrade my T, or buy a T I7 to have this fonction I too was fighting with my fingerprint reader after my upgrade from Windows 7 wundows If so, please read step 18 in the original article.

Emeric”turn on with fingerprint” is not supported in ThinkPad models with Validity fingerprint sensor – see this forum thread. Should I follow to use T’s Fingerprint Software? Hmm a lot of situations here.

No “Fingerprint Password” option in Sign-in options.

Hi, I got a a chance to try http: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This model and Operating System is not supported by Dell.


aew2810 I follow all your steps but the fingerprint don’t works to start the laptop Was this information helpful? Now Bluetooth has turned itself back on! You might be able to keep using ThinkVantage Fingerprint software in Windows 10 if it’s aea2810 important to you to keep the power-on feature. In the ThinkVantage Fingerprint software click “Use fingerprint scan instead of power-on and hard rive passwords” and “Use fingerprint scan wndows of power-on button”.

If you find some solution, please let me know. I already have my FIngerprint Manager Pro uninstalled. The interesting thing is that before I reinstalled, I was able to power on the machine from fingerprint in Windows 10 two or three times at random, all times after the laptop had not been used for hours.

Many thanks, this worked for me on my Windows 10 bit HP Folio laptop which stopped working after an update. I have exactly the same promblem as you but with a Lenovo N though the fingerprint sensor is the same.

I tried to disable Windows Hello by removing the PIN and fingerprintsbut it appears that once windoqs senses that there are fingerprints registered with the TP Fingerprint Software v 6. If need be, follow the directions to enable the biometric framework buried in this post: It’s worked for me, Thanks. Installing it allowed me to use fingerprints once more.

Recently a newer OS update to Windows 7 32bit professional made this device unusable again! T and later models use Lenovo Fingerprint Manager Pro. Since installing Vista, I am unable to setup the fingerprint feature; it keeps locking up each time I click on the icon.


Studio – Windows 7 and 64 Bit – The Unofficial Windows 10 Reinstallation Guide

A guide for the Authentec fingerprint reader and Windows 10 would be awesome. Wiindows you did is the way to get it working in Windows 10, although I think preboot authentication for BIOS passwords probably doesn’t work. I was able to find the Webcam Central Software on your site that I had spent almost 24 hours looking for on the Dell Site.

Message 3 of David C Welch Replied on May 31, Reboot the PC and then go back to step It seems Authentec has released a new version of its own software TrueSuitebut they don’t provide a link winrows a download.

Yes, hardware support included is better than Vista, and Vista was better than XP, wlndows, but it’s only because the drivers for third party products have been supplied TO Microsoft!