The first design feature that most will notice is the stainless steel colored bar that begins at the back of the VST sole slot and goes to the back of the club. Veylix Rome Stiff. Rich, The LS hybrid face sits neutral or slightly open, that would explain why you are hitting all your shots to the right. See our huge selection of golf carts , golf balls , golf drivers , golf gifts , golf shoes , golf irons, golf accessories, golf bags , golf putters , golf wedges, hybrid golf clubs , golf apparel , ladies golf equipment , golf push carts and golf tips. The titanium face and crown, combined with the stainless steel sole, and the VST incorporated in both the crown and sole creates the hottest Adams Hybrid ever. That said, the AeroBurner Rescue also comes in a TP version which has a flatter lie angle and a slightly more open face, which might give the R15 a run for its money. Launch monitor testing confirmed my initial impressions on the driving range that the R15 was outperforming the AeroBurmer, but not by much.

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One bothersome note on that, is from time arams time when using the hybrid from the rough some grass would get into either the bottom or top VST slot and it was difficult to get it out. Even with the smaller footprint, an open channel at the front of the sole increases ball speeds across the face. The 2 reason is that they’re easier to hit than any of the others.

We all love stomping on a shot that ends up flying further than we expect, but the majority of golfers, myself included, prefer reliability and consistency to the rare bomb. Adams claims that this new sole slot has increased the CT in the Super LS hybrid towhich is very near the limit, and this provides a very hot clubface for higher ball speeds and increased distance.


For that reason, we recommend trying a higher-lofted version of your current hybrid, if you carry one. Rich, The LS hybrid face sits neutral or slightly open, that would explain why you are hitting all your shots to the right.

Adams Speedline Super LS Driver

Either way, the XR series has you covered. You should grab a hold of an Adams hybrid the next time you go shopping; if it fits your eye, take it out for a rip or two.

The Matte White, popularized by TaylorMade, is done according to Adams to make the clubhead look larger and contrast the black face of the clubhead to give the golfer confidence at address. Our Gear Trials Panel siper. The XR Pro is offered in lofts of 16, 18, 20 and 23 degrees, whereas the XR is available in lofts of 19, 22, 25 and 28 degrees.

Esthetics When picking up the Adams Super LS hybrid for the first time the first thing you will notice is the comfortable feel that the club has. I found the club to be equally good from tight lies, off a tee and out of the rough. Right next to the VST sole slot which is right behind the face is the letters VST which have been engraved into the stainless steel bar.

I headed to Golfsmith Extreme in Smyrna, Ga. I kill the LS but nasty hooks come from hits toward the toe But it is sooo sweet on l strikes. The AeroBurner Rescue is a blend of performance and forgiveness. In fact, the margin between these clubs when you look at the numbers alone is razor-sharp.


The XR and XR Pro are also exceptionally well-rounded, with pleasing looks, feel and performance from the tee, fairway and rough. The stainless steel bar is framed by xtr section of black area done to look very similar to netting.

Who are they for: Golfers swap out long irons for hybrids when they lose confidence in the blades.

This equates to an incredibly hot face for higher ball speeds and more distance. Essentially, these clubs are long, forgiving and visually appealing. That said, where both clubs differentiated themselves for me was on long approach shots or second shots into a par 5. A note for better players: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Playability and Feel I have long been a fan of Adams hybrids because they are generally very easy to hit and are great clubs.

Adams Idea Super LS XTD Hybrid at

As I always do, I started the testing at the driving range. From the tee and the fairway this club gets very high marks however. The size of the hybrid is standard with most of the other hybrids that you can find on the market. This type of unique design feature is what separates Adams from their competitors and has been integrated into most Adams clubs.

The flight was slightly higher and with more draw bias, but the distance was extremely close. Up Next Ping G25 irons: