Thus blocking one of the 1x pci-e slots. I have had this error message when trying to install a third tuner into my HTPC. So, i can use it to watch HD tv on my computer? Would have picked one up but upgrading to W7 so it would be quite frustrating. In any event, what is the channel change time like for the one tuner that does work?

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NXP Pinnacle PCTV 3010iX Dual Analog + DVB-T drivers for Windows 7 x64

This card does seem to be supported by MeediOS and well regarded by that userbase, but to be truthful I’ve never used either! Link to BlackGold drivers: My Windows Media Center operating system is installed, but if 30110ix analysis is not recognized service. I’m confident we’ll works something out, or that there won’t be an issue out of the box.

Is this card supported under MythTv? Under windows it makes no difference. Pinnacle iX TV tuner not working on windows vista bit!? Mine was marked as posted nearly instantly so it shouldn’t be too far away. So, i can use it to watch HD tv on my computer?

All trademarks are owned by their respective owners. Thanks for keeping us up to date wisc, great news that everything is working fine.


Pinnacle ix PCTV Dual Hybrid Pro TV Tuner DVB-T $30 Landed! (Now about $40) – OzBargain

Mine should be here in just a couple of days then. Can you tell us how long days it took for your unit to arrive? Pretty sure it’s HD.

There are some alternative drivers to fix this supposedly – read http: Newer Post Older Post Home. Its an OEM card so no remote or other accessories. Can someone confirm that this will work in Australia? The drivers on the Pinnacle site are dated way back to but taking note from the quantex link someone posted earlier, I found BlackGold’s drivers dated Jan which are much more current.

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Is it s-video input only or both composite and s-video? Please tell me why it can handle only a black screen on the software and what software or how to get Windows Media Center’s work. Due 301i0x the similarities in design same chipset you can safely switch between the different drivers. The only thing that apparently doesn’t work on v1’s under LIRC is the ir blaster.

This is not Vista bit compaitable if I want to run it, just say “. Much better than the jaycar knockoffs.

I have Googled for Linux support, but it’s not listed on the mythtv wikiand there was no answer to this question on the linux-dvb mailing list or this question on a forum or this question on linux-mediaso at the moment I’m suspecting the answer is probably “no”. I’m not sure whether they are v1 or v2.


Someone also said you only need one aerial plugged in to get dual DVB-T, not sure how true it is but sounds very handy, again, sadly a no-go. I’ll report my findings after i get it if your still monitoring this thread.

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Windows Media Centre remote. I couldn’t help myself… I ordered one anyway. I think it’s a dual tuner http: The signal is then in definantly because the ceiling is the air that my Freeview box it comes in and compaitable with the TV card.

It should with any DVB-T viewer. I’ve been using a Dvico dual tuner with MythTV for about 8 months now. That would be a deal breaker for me. Mine says shipped now too, wonder widnows long it takes now: