I only missed 2 fairways with it all day, and they were less then 3 yards off the fairway. When you hit the J33 pure it just goes The J33R is setup pretty much close to my ideal specs less cpm so I’m really hoping it’ll work out on the range and course. Head Material see all. This is NOT a corrective clubhead for swing flaws. Posted 19 November –

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I;m not sure if my Diamana is the real deal or a made for Bridgestone Diamana but whatever it is, I am quite contented with it so far. On the range it was just ball after ball of balls right down the middle, but I know things can get different out on the course. The participation fee would 460cv cheaper than continuous club experimentation.

Accuracy wise, yeah itll stack up similarly with many other cc drivers. Anbody tried the fairway woods?

FYI, after a range session today, I find for my setup and swing, the hotspot of the J33 is slightly above mid and inside a tad to the heel. I’ve got 18 holes scheduled for tomorrow and then will put in a few more range sessions and another 18 holes Sat and post Part 3 of my review. While it wasn’t consistently longer than my current set up, which is a Nike SQ Tour tour issue with 460c blueboard 73s.


Bridgestone Golf J33R 460cc Driver

But he hits the D3 a little straighter. It is great, like any self respecting club ho I have used some other drivers. IF you are a smooth swinger, or develop clubhead speed with an arc type swing.

Will post reviews next weekend. Dmy Bridgestone J33R 9. One hole I hit the J33R right down the middle with a slight draw to the left side of the fairway. Also experimented with a Accra M4 and Graph Blue but they didn’t work for me.

I just ordered a 3 wood but have never read anything about them. I have three different shafts in them, and they all play different.

Bridgestone Golf Clubs J33r * Driver Stiff | eBay

With the SC65 M4 at For me I thought I lost more distance on mishits versus other drivers. Not that I bang it yards but I just have a far sight issue. Hey SamT, where do you go to get your driver re-shaft? I have a 9. The s is longer for you.


Compared to the S and more so the hard faced to me at least R7 TP, they all feel a bit mushy.

Bridgestone Precept J33R Driver

Dunlop Max Driver Titanium cc Just a plain vanilla ice cream look. Tonight will be my first range session with it, and I’m dubious whether I’ll like the Blue.

Just bought a 9.

Well I’ve definitely been bitten by the Bridgestone bug. Recoil s Scotty Cameron Newport 2.

I used my Bridgestone for 2 years till I wore it out 406cc caved in just a little bitand I have been struggling since then about a year and a half now to find a suitable replacement. I find it quite forgiving out to the toe but I find heel shots lose a ton of yards.

Had a head to head with myS For me, with these 2 setups, my S was longer carry at least, can’t tell roll. I’ve tinkered with several drivers this year, always going back to the