But probably I can find a silmilar type here in Germany. How Cool is that: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Drawing for a side piece. Test assembly, front panel. Doesn’t look very complicated but I have zero experience in wood construction

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I have had problems mixing bass. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Test assembly, front panel.

Davetone mixcubes

What do you mean when you say that the speaker is shielded same as the Auratones? Because it happens – Roll the bones Thanks Guys, As they say, “necessity is the mother of invention”.

When I cut digital joints, I use a 6mm end mill — for the male part of the tenon calling it 6mm in your CAM package then cut the female part dit the same bit but call it a 5.

A bit of digging turned up a lot of references to the Panasonic a11ecf driver as a good candidate, and likely the actual driver used in the last generation of original auratones. I wanted to add that sadly Maplin have now gone out of business, and whoever manufactured the L69AW seemed to have auartone out of business a year before that. My drawing in real-world, striking similarity. Blog Statshits. Once the glue had settled, I gave the front a quick auatone and applied wood filler to hide the gaps.


Anyway, I worked around the problem using the quick hack pictured above. Slot auratobe the cable terminals and excess paint removed. Frequency response plot for L69AW.

DIY Auratone Complete! | Here is my completed Auratone DIY b… | Flickr

I plan to do a cube project for my school. You are commenting using your WordPress. A slot for the terminal and paint blobs removed, both chiselled using a drill bit. Adjusting bit parameters would indeed be the better approach over tweaking actual design files AND certainly over manually chipping the tenons. Majestic12 Member Germany Posts: One question, the original cabinets were made with chipboard from what I read.

Davetone mixcubes | My Diy Blog

Breaking from my norm of writing multiple work stage posts, I decided to try rolling everything to a single post. Dave P’s Auratone project made the Sound on Sound! The construction is simple, the panels are glued and pinned to 20mm section softwood without butting the corners corners are filled using quadrant section. Just for fun I made them look old with some varnish and stuck a label on them!

October 16, Only minimal brush marks visible up close. Material costs for these speakers added up to about 40 eur. Started by Sender Drawing Board. It has to be a type that can cope with being in small box of 2.


Where colors are concerned petrol blue is one of my favourites, and you can bet I was delighted to find a 1 liter can of Sadolin Fashion Extreme Stylish Petrol wtf!?

Before diving into the build though, some words about the 5Cs.

Process the drawing through the CNC and voila:. How Cool is that: But I built these speakers while Maplin were still going, and the L69AW still existed and they sit proud on the shelves in my front room.

I joined it all together with glue and panel pins, but I drilled the wood or board the pins pass through first not the lower part the pins bite intopunch just below surface then fill. Maplin unfortunately does not offer shipping outside of the UK and they also have no distributors here in Germany.