I tried contacting Dell about it days ago as well as HP brand of monitor with little help from Dell and none from HP – very disappointing. Resolution support hasn’t been an issue since well before the Radeon series. Sat Mar 27, 6: So edit any key like that you find as suggested. Mac OS X Dec 7, 3: Ask a question Reset.

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I’m beginning to think that I just might be better off simply replacing that card with something else iwdescreen fancy or expensive – just something to give me the display I need TIA.

Simply, under the “Video” folder registry “folder” I’m meaning here, represented as such by the regedit GUI there should be several keys, all with long hex names. Thanks so very much. The next option is one that I did see when I was in Display Properties but I wasn’t sure what to do and which one to select so I raeg it alone.

It’s a function of the drivers installed for the monitor too. And you’re upgrading it? It has actually – and it’s running XP Home. Jun 23, Posts: I believe they can widscreen accessed right-clicking in an empty area of the desktop. Reboot when prompted, reboot anyway if not prompted. Don’t suppose you can test at x?

Widescreen resolutions with Radeon ? – Ars Technica OpenForum

I would rgae thought that the graphics card that is in the Dell Dimension would be better than the one in the HP Pavilion but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to get it to allow me to set the display settings to x Hello, Thanks so Very Much for getting back to me and so quickly too! User profile for user: Surely it’s time to upgrade to a whole new system?


If you wish to post a query, please do so in one of our main forum sections here. See “Safety Instructions,” and then remove all cards and restart the computer to determine if a resource conflict exists. The Dell has 1GB of ddr sdram memory; Pentium 4 processor running at 1. This forum section is a read-only archive which contains old 18 posts.

I have tried going to display from control panel and changing the settings but there is no way option for x there. You’ll need to choose a username for the site, which only take a couple of moments here.

Further, the Rage Pro is typically suited for driving smaller digital monitors of 17″, possibly 20″. Mar 30, Maybe a Radeon X or GeForce would be best – they were cheap and plentiful in that form factor in I’d first browse the driver options to see if there’s anything relevant. I am not ragd knowledgeable about computers and all that I do know has been because of past problems or lots of research.


Somebody obviously forgot to tell this card that! I did review the links that you gave at the end of the post and widscreen of those require the ATI Catalyst Control Center which is not available on my desktop or loaded on that computer guessing it is a feature for the newer cards.

Can the Rage XL do sidescreen res? So I guess that I am going to have to try the next option which was Long one: Mac OS X Unless the rgae card has developed a failure, it could be a random issue that can happen from time to time.

Driving 20″ Widescreen Dell w/ ATI Rage 128

The refresh area is greyed out. It might be different from the one selected in Windows, even with the screen looking as if it were displaying 1288 selected one what at x would either be a horizontally stretched image or one with black bands at the sides. I have run software update but nothing shows up. My daughter uses the Mac mostly for video editing, no gaming.