February 7th, Any idea how exactly to run this? Have you ever got your screen to work? The other could still be, not enough power delivered. Uncompressing DisplayLink Linux Driver 1. The device is recognized, and I can turn it on.

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Installing necessary drivers for it was a little non-trivial so I am documenting my installation, just in case someone else encounters the same problem.

Now if you run xrandr –listproviders. Since I don’t have this kind of device I can only make slight assumptions in this case but I hope this will take you closer to your goal.

Uncompressing DisplayLink Linux Driver 1. Surely this must be so close to working as to be almost palpable, no? Issues like this might be caused by not enough power available from the USB port.

This is due to some web developer adding a terms and conditions page uzb letting us download the drivers.

Jbuntu such device Jan 30 A frozen state of my main screen shows up on the monitor for 5 seconds, before the screen goes black again for another 5 seconds. Sign up using Email and Password.


Don’t be tempted to unplug this device if this display is still active, it will crash X when its unplugged. Find More Posts by AcT0. This site requires Javascript. His fix would soon be in the aur.

How to use the usb monitor AOC ewu running on Ubuntu LTS? – Ask Ubuntu

Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. If you install DisplayLink it will automatically install evdi as a dependency but nothing would work!

Want to hear about new releases? Changing the local hostname might make it unresolveable.

AOC EFwu not working with Ubuntu LTS – DisplayLink Forum

May 4th, The time now is One thing we can do is add our voice to https: In case you have changed the kernel, find your Linux version:. Reboot now and the USB monitor should start working normally.

Could not read interface p2p-dev-wlp3s0 flags: Hi, I believe there are two issues here, stacked onto each other. That sounds like it would serve my needs ubungu. Oh, and I did try a live boot of On windows, it works fine after installing DisplayLink’s drivers. Many people waiting for this driver.


Recommendations is much appreciated!! I have tried this internally – took a build without the x problem, and connected the screen through a powered hub with a short good quality cable and it works – see attached photo.

Setting Up DisplayLink USB Monitor

Here you are what I manage to figured out and what my setting looks like maybe someone would be able to guide me. Where did you got that module? If the driver works for your monitor, please let other people know by posting it. For me the screen only updated when I applied the settings in arandr.