The following list of devices will have to be organized into a table. In such a case, your non-listed but working device will likely be reported in your system messages as being one of those previously supported devices. Drivers can be profiled easily and more accurately than in kernelspace. The Terratec driver and application is much nicer than the Blaze one – the only drawback being it didn’t find 70 odd “unknown” channels, so you can at least watch the channel even if you don’t know what it is. It asks for hardware type and I select Windows CE usb devices. The original driver seems to not cope well with the usb device removal, though the playback worked.

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If the driver crashes, it won’t crash the system or kernel, only the driver and applications using the driver zfatech be affected. Hauppauge Nova-TD Stick Drivers can be profiled easily and more accurately than in kernelspace.

So i copied all my. Do you want me or Manu, since my contact knows him very well to ask them if I can forward you the documentation?

DVB-T USB Devices – LinuxTVWiki

See these posts for more details: There is also a full detail table. I’ve had a very similar experience to pinkeyes If only i could install the cinergy driver I gave up altogether, I got another usb stick, this piece of chiness cr p is not detected at all. Endpoint 1 and 2 serve the control messages, while Endpoint 4 serves the video data packets.


This device looks identical to the A and has the same model number on the box but has a different chip inside. Hi all, just come across this forum – and quite relieved to find others experiencing the afqtech problems!

Nick Andrew I’d just about given up on this until I saw this. I’ve tried the following: These boxes can only deliver part of the Transport Stream using a hardware PID filter ; it is not known how to deactivate this.

AfaTech DVB-T 9005 USB Dongle Free Driver Download

donglee Should be supported soon writing as of june 30 It seems to work with the realtek experimental driver see freecom v4 above:. Any comments very welcome.: Would you mind sending me the information they gave you?

Goodluck with the leadtek. The settings you need to add to the end of BDA. I eventually gave up on the afatech chipset This could be a driver problem I going to look for updated drivers this week. When i first start watching tv its cold and as it warms up the picture starts to get static through it usual bad mpeg stream sort of deterioration. Is yours drawing mA also? Terratec picked up all the 30 channels but could not see any think just blank screen and cracking sound.


In there it is all depicted as just one. Odngle it destroys the flow of the conversation Q: Just got feedback from Blaze, they improved the software and improved the function of identifying channels’ ID, you can download a new version already http: I worked out how to get the channel name into the epg.

That’s using a link to mymain aerial, which recieves freeview well on the main television and another FW box. D Unfortunately i havnt been able to dohgle it to run with gb-pvr but thats another story. I have tried E Mailing Blaze but it just bounces back support blazevideo.

If you have details for a particular device, please feel free to clone this entry and add the details.